Hire the best software engineers in South Africa

Get your candidates interviewed by world-class software engineers.

An investment in the wrong employee is a threat to your business

A bad hire will cost you at least 30% of the employees first-year earnings[*]. What's worse, disengagement is contagious and will affect your performing employees.
Most projects are delayed by those few incompetent software engineers who write bad code, which can cost millions to maintain.

Our benefits

We have created a new product that will enable you to get the most qualified candidates for the job.
Technical interviews by experts
Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, all our technical interviews are carried out by expert software engineers who actually know what to look for in software engineering candidates.
Transparent reports on candidates
Get full access to assessment reports and interview recordings. This will give you insights on what criteria was used to assess candidates and how they performed.
Receive Qualified Candidates
We filter out all unqualified candidates by using a world-class evaluation system and send you only the best candidates. Saving you time and money.
Are you unsure of the technical requirements the candidates you need should possess?
Tell us about your project and we will help in creating the perfect job spec for free!